8 Things Basketball Coaches Hate

No matter how high your shooting percentage is, whatever your ppg, or even if you broke that guy’s ankles last possession, if you commit any of these things there’s a chance that you’re not making the best impression on the coach. Your coaches are very important in determining how successful you will be in this sport. College scouts will talk to your high school and club coaches, and if you’re thinking of transferring up from JUCO or a lower level university, you better believe the college coaches will all be talking between each other. You want to make sure your coach thinks highly of you as a player and a person, so here’s a list of 8 things that your coach probably hates.


  1. Stop Talking While The Coach Is Talking!

If there’s one sure fire way to piss your coach off, it’s talking while they’re talking. Whether it’s a huddle during practice, tryout, or a game, your job as a basketball player is to give your coaches your full attention. If you’re talking to another player, your coach will know you’re not paying attention to what they’re saying. Your coach might call you out and tell you to stop talking, they might not say anything but end up shortening your playing time, or if it’s during tryouts you might not make the team – but whatever they choose to do, it will surely not be good for you. So pay attention!


  1. Walking Everywhere

This is another key thing to avoid doing. When your coach calls a timeout during a game, they have a very restricted amount of time to tell you what they need to tell you. If a player is walking into a huddle, it wastes very valuable time. Walking in general is a signal of laziness; whether it’s walking back on defense, into team huddles, or timeouts. Make sure you always run to where you’re supposed to be.


  1. Not Punctual

Unless you have given your coach appropriate notice, and you have his okay, being late to practices and games is a promising way to earn yourself a spot on the bench. My senior high school and university coaches had similar rules: we had to be at the game at least 1 hour early, and if you showed up late you would be benched for the first half of the game. Even if your coaches don’t have the exact same rules, constantly showing up late will not make your coach think highly of you.


  1. Missing Practice

This is a no brainer. If you constantly don’t show up to practices – you will be cut from your team, or at very minimum you won’t get any playing time. It is complete disrespect to your coach and your teammates. By missing practices, you are basically telling everyone that you are more important than the team. Now there are obviously exceptions – like you are hospitalized or you have to attend a funeral – but let’s talk about what is not a good reason. Missing practice because you have to study for a test, or try to finish an assignment due the next day, is a terrible excuse. Your lack of accountability and responsibility about doing your homework, putting yourself in a position that you have 1 day to finish it, isn’t acceptable. Doctor and dentist appointments are also not good excuses. You have 24 hours in a day, and 7 days in a week, you will surely be able to schedule an appointment outside of your 1-2 hour practice time. Once you’re in college you will find out really quickly: if you miss practice, you won’t get to play.


  1. When They Have To Repeat Themselves

Coaches love when players are fast learners. It is ideal that a coach can tell the team what to do, and the team goes and does it. For example, when you’re doing a layup drill, if your coach tells you that you have to jump off of your right foot and layup with your right hand, that is exactly what you should be doing. He shouldn’t have to stop the drill to tell players to stop jumping off of their left foot. If you can’t follow simple instructions, do you think a coach will trust you to execute a play when it’s tie game with 5 seconds left on the clock? Probably not. So make sure your coach knows that you can follow directions, and be a good learner.


  1. Being Cocky

Being cocky is not professional. When you boast like you are god’s gift to basketball, that reflects your coach, and you can bet they don’t care for that too much. If you make a good play, stay focused on the game, and get your ass back on defense so this doesn’t happen to you.


  1. Talking Back To The Refs

If the referee makes a bad call, it is not your job to yell at the ref! That’s your coaches job. The last thing he needs are his best players getting technical fouls because they can’t control themselves. Bad calls happen. Get over it and move on. Yelling at the ref won’t change the call. Also now, because you were rude to the ref, they are going to have a bad bias about you and your team from now on. Let your coach deal with the refs, and you just focus on the game.


  1. Poor Body Language

It’s time to start being accountable. You can’t go around acting like a sore loser if you lose a game or miss a layup. Pick yourself up, shake the other team’s hand, and move on. Your coach doesn’t want to be known for having a team full of crybabies who pout over every little thing. It is a sign of maturity when something bad can happen, and you don’t even care – you are just relentless. If you’re down by 35 points, you go hard until the buzzer goes off. If you miss a layup or there’s a missed foul call, sprint back on defense.


There are numerous other things that your coach probably hates, but here are 8 of the most common. Make sure that you aren’t committing any of these, and you will prevent so many arguments with your coach before they even happen.

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